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Max Strength also offers individual one to one sessions. Whatever your goal, whether it be specific technique that requires attention, body transformations, event or competition prep, sport specific, strongman/powerlifting, we can get you there.

Spaces and time slots are limited


  • I started training with Matt at Max Strength just over a year ago. I was a regular gym-goer at another gym and enjoyed training but had never taken any professional advice or training. Matts training in my opinion is totally different, rarely will you find yourself constantly training using the same exercise. For me this adds to the excitement of training, as I can find myself getting bored otherwise. The gym itself has a huge variety of equipment most of which I have never seen before in any regular gym. Personally one of the issues I find when people join new gyms is getting used to the different crowd and the regulars, Max Strength is completely different in that sense. It has a real community feel. I cannot recommend Max Strength enough!
  • I was not really a gym fan and have never joined a gym before but noticed the older I have been getting the harder it is to stay toned and fit and was unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. I also felt a bit intimidated by the big gyms and generally felt uncomfortable. I liked the look and feel of the Max Strength gym, not many people train at one time so I felt at ease. Well it’s now December and I've gone down a dress size and I am now a slim size 8 instead of a big 10, I can see muscle tone all over and have a firm butt! I have also made some new friends which for me has been great, I can’t thank Matt, Tegan and Claire enough for constantly pushing me and helping me reach my goals. Thank you xxx
    HELEN R.
  • Mariano started training with us in December 2011. In 2011/2012 season he played for Brighton Blues as a Prop. When he came here he weighted 142kg, could box squat 195kg, Deadlift 225kg and bench press 160kg. After just 3 months of training here are the stats: Weight – 132kg – 10kg drop – his body composition changed and he is much leaner now. His Box Squat is now 225kg and Bench Press 177.5kg.
  • HIIT FIT classes at Max Strength are great. No two sessions are the same, which gives you variety to the workouts and keeps you on your toes! Everyone is friendly and Matt & Tegan are fantastic trainers, they make sessions challenging and motivate you to push yourself that little bit harder. I like the fact that you get a full body workout as well as cardio, it can only mean optimum results!
  • I love the variety of the exercises, it makes the classes feel different and fun each time.  My fitness has really improved and I can see my body changing shape and feeling firmer.  Tegan is great at adapting exercises where needed.  I get a painful back but that doesn't stop me as Tegan will give me stretches and exercises and that really helps.  I feel so much better and happier when I have been to a HIIT class and I always look forward to it.
  • Andy is also a Rugby player and also played for Brighton Blues in 2011/2012 season. Andy started training with us in February 2012. He was 133kg, could box squat 135kg and bench press 120kg. We only had 2,5 months of training because he was going back to New Zealand in May. In that time he lost 9kg and weights 126kg at the moment.His Box Squat went up to 170kg, Bench press to 130kg and he deadlift 230kg.
    ANDY P.