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Fat Loss

Fat Loss
5th January 2016 admin

7 simple fat loss tips that really work!

Working as personal trainers for many years, we’ve seen lots of magical ‘quick’ fat loss fads come and go, and also the frustration it causes when these miracle fat loss techniques do not work.

Here at Max Strength we don’t believe in starvation diets, or quick fix fads that leave you feeling defeated and guilty when they fail. The real solution is to commit to small diet and lifestyle changes and go back to basics with nutrition – Here we give you 7 simple fat loss techniques to help you on your way:


1. Increase Your Protein Intake

high-protein-dietProtein has twice the “thermic effect” of fats and carbohydrates, which means it raises your metabolic rate – In simple terms, your metabolism is the process that converts food and drink into energy, so upping this will increase the rate at which your body ‘burns off’ food. Upping your protein will also leave you feeling more full and satisfied, as your blood sugar level will remain constant so you are less likely to have those sugar highs and lows that a diet based around carbs can encourage, leaving you reaching for those naughty snacks come the afternoon.

Your daily protein intake should be between 20-35% of your total calorie consumption each day, so most definitely a big part of every meal, and snacks throughout the day if necessary.


2. Go Low Carb and Eliminate Grains

High consumption of sugar, wheat and grain based foods is the main reason why people get fat. As mentioned above, high-glycemic carbohydrates cause a quick rise in your blood sugar which in turn causes an increase in insulin levels – When functioning properly this hormone insulin does a great job of removing the sugar from you blood and getting it into your cells. Regular consumption of these foods can cause insulin resistance however, which means you body will no longer shuttle the sugar into your cells and store it as fat.

Therefore most grains, particularly refined grain products such as white bread and pasta, should be avoided. Even whole wheat bread spikes blood sugar faster than many candy bars so don’t be fooled by this!

Instead, aim to eat green vegetables as your main source of carbohydrate.

Another common stumbling block is fruit  –  Lots of fruits are high in sugar – Yes, fruit sugar, or ‘fructose’ is perhaps better than the more refined table sugar, but it is sugar all the same and can have the same effect in causing an insulin spike as described above. Try to limit your consumption to a maximum of two fruits a day.


3. Eat Good Fats

good fat

The biggest misconception is that consuming fat makes you fat. Remember that the job of the food industry is to sell you more food, not care about your health, so avoid all of the low fat nonsense, as products that take the fat out will replace it with sugar, exacerbating the insulin spikes that we talk about above. Not all fats are the same, however – You want to avoid bad trans fats found in processed food and products like margarine, and keep saturated fats low. Aim to increase consumption of good (unsaturated) fats, which will help to lower your blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Your daily fat intake should be between 20-40% of your total calorie

consumption each day. Sources of good fats are: salmon, herring, nuts, olive oil and olives, avocado, flaxseed oil.


4. Take Omega 3 Every Day

The health benefits of taking omega 3 every day are well documented. Consumption of omega 3 can also help fat loss by improving insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake, which is particularly important if you have been following a more high carb, high sugar diet. Recommended intake is between 5-10g per day, and supplements for this are available in liquid (for the brave) or capsule form.


5. Start Weight Training

We cannot stress enough, hoTegan pullupsw good this is for your body, both in the way it feels and how good you look in (and out!) of your clothes. It is estimated that for every 1lb of muscle you gain, you will burn an additional 50 calories per day due to the rise in your basic metabolic rate as mentioned earlier. Therefore the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn and the easier it will be to keep the fat off. Weight training, and gaining a little extra muscle will also improve your posture so you stand taller, push your shoulders back and automatically look leaner!


6. Reduce Your Stress Levels

It is generally agreed that stress is a contributory factor in the development of a number of diseases. It also has been shown to play a part in weight gain. Stress produces the hormone cortisol. Chronically elevated cortisol levels can cause your body to store fat particularly around the midsection. Any steps you can take to reduce stress levels, such as light yoga, long walks or meditation will have a positive effect on your efforts to lose fat and on your health in general.


7. Get more (good quality) Sleep


Lack of sleep has been connected to obesity and weight gain. People who sleep less are more likely to overeat. A lack of sleep can also elevate your cortisol level, which produces the negative consequences outlined in the previous point. If you are training with heavy weights, and trying to build muscle, then good quality sleep is also essential for recovery and growth. Try to get a consistent 7-8 hours a night, and perhaps consider supplementing with magnesium if this is not a simple task for you – It works wonders!

If you would like to chat to us about starting a fat loss programme at our Hove or Worthing gym then contact us at / or call Matt on 07885 916 810 ( Worthing) / Serge on 07527 534 273 (Hove).

We offer a 1 week free trial of our small group training sessions if you want to try us out, or a free session at our Worthing Boot Camps if you are new to fitness.


Back to fitness Boot Camp in Worthing

At Max Strength we’ve been running Bootcamps for many years, but we’ve recently opened an indoor boot camp at our brand new gym in Worthing, just in time for the Winter when training outside is not looking quite so appealing!  – Here we talk to our Worthing Boot Camp coach Tegan to get the low down on our new classes

worthing fat loss specialist

When you say Bootcamp many get a vision of military style shouting and physical torture, is this the case?

Our Worthing Boot camps are simply a group exercise class geared towards improving fitness & well being.  Each boot camp session is different and will include conditioning exercises aimed to get you feeling, looking & moving better. By training in this way you have the benefit of training in a group, and having someone showing you the exercises and motivating you to carry on when you think you can’t.  I may shout from time to time, but more in a sense of encouragement!

 Who are your Boot camps aimed towards?
Predominantly people worthing fat loss boot campnew to exercise or looking to get back into it, or even regular gym goers that want to add something extra in to their routine. I think lots of people can be put off joining a gym and not knowing how to use equipment or where to start with training – In that respect our Worthing bootcamps are a great way to get back into fitness, and you really don’t need any experience, as we’ll show you the ropes.

How long do the boot camp sessions last?
Each boot camp session will last around an hour, including a warm up and stretch out after – We run these three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and if you attend regularly and put in the effort you should start to see the results quickly.

What kinds of exercises are involved in a typical session?
We aim to keep you guessing so there will always be a variety of exercises including body weight, sometimes kettle bells and other equipment to create resistance maybe even some sprints! You won’t get bored, and your body will remain challenged which is key to triggering fat loss.

What can I expect after few weeks of training?
After a couple of weeks of training regularly, alongside a healthy diet, you can expect; increased energy, improved sleeping patterns and visible differences in your appearance. We’ve seen some brilliant achievements from our clients over the years, and know how to get results.worthing fat loss training

Our Worthing Boot Camp costs just £40 for 4 weeks – Not only do you get 3 supervised sessions per week for the price, you also receive nutritional information and on going support.  Any struggles or questions we will be more than happy to help with.

We are also offering an introductory offer of 2 for 1 membership, so if you join with a friend you’ll both pay just half the price for your first month!

To make a booking at our Worthing boot camp, or chat with Tegan on how our boot camps can help you please contact us: or 07786 54606


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