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Strength training and powerlifting

Strength training and powerlifting
5th January 2016 admin

Powerlifting Seminar with Dean Bowring

Sunday 12th October Dean Bowring, World Super Heavyweight Powerlifting Champion from 2009 and silver medalist from 2013 came down to Max Strength Worthing for a Powerlifting Seminar.


Dean was teaching all 3 powerlifting lifts – Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. Everyone could have a go and was corrected on technique and was given tips on how to improve it. Because doing just those 3 movements is not a key to success he showed us special exercises used to develop leg, back and abdominal strength. He also talked about planning the training and how to implement all those exercises in a long term plan. He has been involved in powerlifting for many years and gave insights of what it takes to became a World Champion – Strength is Build in Years not days! Very simple but many people forget about it. It was his first visit at Max Strength but hopefully we will see him down here more often. There are plans to organise more days like this so please stay tuned.

Dean Bowring powerlifitng seminar max strength 1


Louise Richardson at World Powerlifting Championships

Louise Richardson competed in South Africa in IPF World Powerlifting Championships –  June 6th.

Louise podium

This was her first big competition so pressure was on. She did a brilliant job setting 2 British records in Squat and Deadlift in U72kg class. Her deadlift was also 3rd overall in her class so she came back with a Bronze Medal too!!

Her best lifts were:

150kg squat

70kg bench press

172.5kg Deadlift


Louise is currently preparing for British Championships in September with hopes to beat her current squat and deadlift records.

Stay tuned for updates!

Max Strength – Training place of Champions!

worthing powerlifting championMax Strength Member Louise Richardson recently won the British Powerlifting Championships, and earned her place lifting for Team GB, all just two years after taking up strength training with us. In the same period of time she’s also lost 3 dress sizes and made massive improvements in her health. Here we chat with her about her achievements and experience of training with us – We are massively proud of her, and our coaches for the amazing work they did with her training.


So despite recent achievements, you’re actually pretty new to powerlifting and weight training in general – What made you decide to join us at Max Strength?
It is two years ago almost to the day since I joined Max Strength. The main I reason I joined was because I was over weight. Being insulin dependant diabetic I was told by my doctor that I needed to lose weight. I had a friend that had already joined who told me how good it was, therefore I decided to give it a go and try and lose weight as per doctors’ orders!

What changes did you see through weight training?
I started to see some initial changes first of all, I was toning up and generally getting stronger. However the real change came as soon as I was given diet advice and I changed my eating habits. I rapidly dropped 3 dress sizes and started to feel generally much healthier.

That’s a pretty dramatic change – Over what period of time did you see this happen?
Over the first 6 months it was a slow process but having attended the nutrition seminar that Max Strength ran, I found that the advice was invaluable. Following this I completely changed my eating habits and then I saw a rapid change. My weight dropped and my body changed – all for the better.

worthing powerlifting fat lossYou say that your eating habits made a big difference to your weight, what in particular did you change?
I cut out carbs – of all kinds & I stopped drinking (alcohol) during the week. I started eating a high protein breakfast, salad & veggies, protein at lunch and dinner. I stopped eating pasta, potato’s, breads and anything with sugar in. I also made sure I was taking Vitamin C, Multi-Vitamins and lots and lots of fish oil.

There is a common misconception that weight training will make women look bulky. What’s your view on this?
One of my main concerns was getting too ‘butch’ however one of the comments I most often hear is “you don’t look like a power lifter”! I’m certainly toned and a lot more defined however weight training does not make women look butch – we’re just not built like that!

You recently became British Powerlifting Champion setting a new British record in Deadlift. What made you decide to compete?
If somebody had told me 2 years ago I would be British Powerlifting Champion I really wouldn’t have believed them…however here I am! I think I have always been a bit competitive by nature however I find the whole ‘lifting’ concept highly additive, always wanting to improve myself and beat my own PB’s.

What does your typical training week look like?
worthing powerlifting competitonIt depends on what training program I’m following at the time and what competition I’m working towards. However, it’s a mixture of Bench, Squat and Deadlift. I also do a lot accessory work on weak points. I also try to have a least one day a week which is dedicated to stretching and mobility.

What are training goals for 2014?
I have been invited by the GBPF (Great British Powerlifting Federation) to compete overseas in the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) in South Africa in June so I’m working towards that at the moment.

At Max Strength we specialise in small group personal training, tailored to individual needs; be it getting stronger, losing fat or shifting atlas stones like a strongman! If training is new to you, then we also run a Boot Camp in Worthing three times a week – The perfect way to kick start a fitness regime.

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