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Weight training for young athletes

Weight training for young athletes
5th January 2016 admin

Weight training for young athletes

Strength and conditioning is key to athletes at all levels, and many of our members train with us to improve performance in their chosen sport– Sports like rugby can start at school age, so we see no reason why they shouldn’t also start building their strength at a young age too. This can sound quite intimidating for some, so here we talk to Mikey, who joined us aged just 14, and his mum, Helen about their experience of training with us.


athlete-training-worthingSo Mikey, what sport do you compete in and at what level?

I play rugby for Brighton and I am also a county player for Sussex as well as being captain of my school team.


What made you join us at Max Strength, and how long have you being training with us?
My brother started at Max Strength with his friend and encouraged me to come and try it out as he thought I would find it fun and beneficial to my rugby career. I joined when I was 14, and have been training at max strength for just over a year.


So Helen, how did you feel about Mikey joining a gym like Max Strength at just 14?
I was apprehensive at first because of his age, but Matt and Sergei put my mind at rest. They spoke to Mikey to create a program where he would achieve the goals he wanted which were to improve his physical strength and agility.


The aim of Mikey’s training is focused around improving your performance in rugby, what improvements have you seen since training with us?
Helen – I have seen my son grow as a rugby player. Mikey’s confidence has grown off and on the pitch. His coaches are always commenting on his physical strength saying that he is superior to other players. Max strength has really helped Mikey’s techniques, which are then shown through his game.

Mikey – I have noticed my strength improving greatly in the gym and on the pitch. I have changed positions from being centre to number 8 for Brighton as well as Sussex. Because my strength has improved it has allowed me to perform at a higher standard and has helped make technical skills easier. Max strength have also helped me with my P.E. GCSE as they have worked hard to teach me correct techniques for Olympic weightlifting.


So the team at Max Strength have been a good support over the past year?
Mikey – Definitely; It goes beyond rugby – Because of the support max strength has given me I was also able to take part in a strongman competition this past summer. I came 9th out of 20 men, this was really rewarding as I was the youngest competitor at 15 and I never thought I would have been able to achieve this.


weight-training-for-youthsYou are a member at Max Strength also Helen – what does your training involve?
I train 4 times a week Monday to Thursday. Throughout the week I do legs, upper body and conditioning. Matt and Sergei also work with me on technique and weaknesses I need to improve on.


What changes have you seen in yourself from training with us?
Since training at max strength I have toned up a lot, in a short amount of time. I have always regularly gone to the gym but never seen results this fast. I also see muscles I never knew I had. I don’t lift as heavy weights as some of the girls at max strength but I am still lifting weights I never thought I could and surprising myself weekly.


So Mikey, What are your future plans for rugby and training?
My next goal is continue to remain in the Sussex squad for next season and then hopefully get in to the harlequins academy. Hopefully this will lead to start in a career in rugby. In training I wish to improve my strength and technique as this help to support me as a rugby player.


At Max Strength we specialise in small group personal training, tailored to individual needs; we can offer specialist training programmes for those looking to improve in their chosen sport and our rates are discounted for those under 18.

To chat with us about what we can do for you, or start your 1 week free trial contact us on 07885916810 or


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